Blue Graphic that says Coronavirus Covid-19 It is with a heavy heart that we announce the temporary closure of our store through March 30th. This was an easy decision and it wasn't. We had a few different options on the table for trying to remain open and manage the situation.  We are passionate about providing a service to our community--especially in a time of need--and it goes without saying that if people are self-quarantined, they are going to need lots and lots of books. Even under normal circumstances, March on Cape Cod is already a lean time of year for businesses. These are the facts.

But we also love our customers, our staff, and our community.  The situation with Covid-19 is very fluid; hour-by-hour the warnings become more dire. Rather than continuing to react to the news, we decided to be proactive in trying to gain some control over the situation, and ultimately encourage people to just stay home. We are still here. If you would like to call us to ship a book to you--or even just to talk books--give us a call at (508) 896-6543. I (Val) will continue to post updates, book recommendations, and other fun, book-related stuff and community service announcements. You can also support us by signing up for audiobooks through  (link on our website!) or shopping for books in our online store: Click Here to Shop Our Online Book Store!

We are all going to get through this together. We can't wait for the day when we can say, remember the time... .and Coronavirus will only be a memory. When all is said and done, we are all going to be stronger, more resilient, and better than ever before! Stay safe everyone and read lots of books!

Wed, 11/28/2018 - 00:39